"Laurence is an artistic intuitive and speaks more to the spiritual side of creativity (not religious) versus a more technical or clinical approach...Laurence was very supportive; helpful and gave insights and suggestions that I had not considered. Laurence’s style was very different from previous art instructors and I found it to be very refreshing and invigorating...Working with Laurence over these past years has been a very positive and broadening experience for me artistically and personally."

- Jacqueline Doyle Allison (2014)


"Laurence is an immensely gifted artist, poet, thinker and dreamer, and I am lucky to be in his community and collaborate with him from time to time. His presentations and workshops engage the authentic creative energy within us, and leave one fresh and thinking of things again for the first time. He embodies authentic wisdom and creativity and has ceaseless curiosity. Laurence is also one of the most humble and generous teachers I have known. We have presented art and poetry together, shared and discussed art and worked dreams together, and over the last few years I have considered him a mentor. Laurence’s poetry is deep and rich, reaching down along the roots into the earth, up beyond the sky and far into the collective soul. When he presents his poetry at a reading or workshop, he uses all his energy - engaging the audience fully, projecting the spirit behind his words with force and rhythm that leaves his poems dancing in one’s head. As a mentor, he engages the artist in me, always bringing me back when I lose my center, and reminding me how to see when my vision is cloudy. He is always turning things over and questioning images and words to go deeper and wider in scope - towards a clearer distillation of truth, beauty and wisdom.

 - Honor Woodard, Licensed Massage Therapist, Artist (2012)


"Laurence Holden is a gifted artist, poet and teacher. He is one of those rare people who creates not only from his heart but also from his connection with wild mountain forest nature--where he spends a great deal of real time and, in his work, a great deal of deep, timeless time. Laurence's courage as a poet allows him to cut you to the bone of your understanding or to lift you straight up way beyond where you thought you would ever be able to go or, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, flood your soul with the immediacy and intimacy of his next powerful word painting.

I am honored to know Laurence Holden, the man, and so pleased to see Laurence Holden, the poet, beginning to get overdue recognition from a wider audience."

- Robinette Kennedy, Shamanic Practitioner at Robinette Kennedy, PhD (2012)


"Laurence is an inspiring art teacher, master painter, and gifted poet. I was fortunate to have Laurence as an instructor in the Masters of Fine Arts program at Georgia State University. He opened doors to conceptual creativity, and new thinking about art and life."

  - Cecelia Kane, Visual and Conceptual Artist (1992)


“My mind and abilities were stretched and this growth showed in my works. I’m very grateful to have been a part of this class.”  - Susan Easterly (1996)


“Laurence stimulated my ‘talent’ into more than just ‘ability’, and helped set me on the course to creativity.     -  Regina Walters (1996)


“This workshop enabled me to view the inner nature of drawing, and enhanced my visual perception.”             - Brian Gurley (1994)


“I greatly enjoyed the creative freedom in this class. I was finally able to explore my creative side a little more.” - Michelle Jackson (1992)


“Laurence has so much understanding to offer, and encourages such openness among his students.”                - Deborah Lynch (1988


“I truly enjoyed this course.  Mr. Holden is a teacher who really expects a lot from you”  - Isobel Burke (1986)


“Mr. Holden brought a great philosophical base of knowledge for perceiving art.” - Robert Lynch (1982)