As one begins to draw from nature, in time, nature begins to speak back - and does so with a more than human voice. Gradually we come to understand how we are embedded in what is a much larger and richer language.

In one sense, this conversation draws from our own true nature, and in another deeply connected sense, we are drawn from it. Our body of senses inhabits this larger world, and is in constant and permeable dialogue with it.

The world, reality, our senses, our individual selves, are all tuned to, shaped for, developed for this one song that is Creation.

We are all its music, part of its line.

None of us—stone, star, wind, or child—is separate, dominant, or different. Each one of us, like each stone in the river, carries the shape worn by its moving river of life.

In our perilous times, it is our voice for this that will ultimately determine the future, and fate, of our species on this earth. There are paths back, not in time, but in wholeness. They are as old as humankind. Art is one of them.

I have been peeling back the layers of this conversation for 50 years,

revealing the voices, the melodies, chords and  rhythmic patterns that surround us, enlivening both ourselves and the world.

I invite you to join me on this journey.