BLOG: Drawing From Nature

Preparing for the Upcoming Fall Workshop

As I prepare for this workshop in November, considering the change of season in the forest then, and what we will discover out there and within ourselves that we could not have in our last workshop in June, I am reminded of the insightful words of James Hillman:


“ Man is primarily an imagemaker and our psychic substance consists of images; our being is imaginal being, an existence in imagination. We are indeed such stuff as dreams are made of.
    ...we live in a world that is neither “inner” nor “outer.” Rather the psychic world is an imagined world, just as image is psyche. Paradoxically, at the same time, these images are in us and we live in the midst of them. The psychic world is experienced as inside us and yet it encompasses us with images. I dream and experience my dreams as inside me and yet at the same time I walk around in my dreams and am inside them.
...Because our psychic stuff is images, image-making is...a royal road to soul-making. The making of soul-stuff calls for dreaming, fantasying, imagining. To live psychologically means to imagine things; to be in touch with soul means to live in sensuous connection with fantasy. To be in soul is to experience the fantasy in all realities and the basic reality of  fantasy.” (James Hillman, Re-Visioning Psychology, p.23 Harper & Row 1975)